Halloween 2 Began The Sequels' Ridiculous Cult of Thorn Storyline

Halloween 2 Started The Sequels' Ridiculous Cult of Thorn Storyline

Halloween 2 might need been a logical finish to John Carpenter’s horror franchise, however it was not the top; in a approach, it was solely the start and began the origin of one of the convoluted plot strains within the sequence: the Cult of Thorn.

After the discharge of David Gordon Inexperienced’s Halloween in 2018, there are actually 5 distinct timelines inside the franchise. As followers know very nicely, some decisions, corresponding to the choice to leap 40 years between the unique 1978 Halloween and the 2018 model, was wise. Different folks say that Halloween 2 was essentially the most logical finish of the franchise. Others take pleasure in Rob Zombie’s tenure within the director’s chair, and the way he gave Michael Myers extra of an origin story, exploring his childhood and household dynamics that led him to – naturally, with out affect of the supernatural – turn into a killer.

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Whereas sticking with the Cult of Thorn plot line maybe wasn’t the wisest plan of action, because it gave Michael Myers a supernatural purpose – a curse – for eager to eradicate the whole thing of his familial line, the trail to get there had been paved years prematurely.

The trace dropped in Halloween 2 concerning the Cult of Thorn and Myers’ supernatural affect was so seemingly disconnected on the time, however would later come into play in a really large approach in Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers. It is no secret that John Carpenter wasn’t keen on Michael Myers and Laurie Strode being siblings, however the sibling dynamic – in addition to the Cult of Thorn connection – got here into play in the identical scene. When Dr. Loomis and Deputy Gary Hunt go to research a break-in at Haddonfield Elementary College, they discover two notable clues: the primary is a kitchen knife speared by a crayon drawing of a household and a single phrase written in blood on a chalkboard: Samhain. Later, it’s defined to Loomis that he does not know every little thing about Michael Myers’ historical past regardless of working with him for years, and a secret file discloses that Laurie Strode is his sister.

This sparks Loomis to leap to the rapid conclusion about why Myers has returned to Haddonfield: he is acquired unfinished enterprise and desires to kill his sister, identical to he killed Judith years earlier than. Samhain is instantly related to the Cult of Thorn as nicely as a result of, as is said within the movie, it signifies the unique Pagan pageant that serves because the roots of recent Halloween traditions. Whereas Carpenter had initially ended Halloween 2 to be the top of Michael Myers, the third installment’s poor reception led the franchise to return to its roots as nicely, and began a three-movie story arc that concerned Michael Myers stalking Laurie’s daughter, his niece, Jamie Lloyd (Danielle Harris). This storyline involves a head with Halloween 6, the place the Cult of Thorn is revealed to be behind Myers’ actions.

The Curse of Thorn, which Myers is managed by, is an historic Druidic curse that’s positioned upon a single member of a household who’s then compelled to homicide them as a blood sacrifice on Samhain, or Halloween. Whereas a single phrase expressed in Halloween 2 does not look like it is sufficient to spark such an elaborate and ridiculous plot line, there’s an opportunity the Cult of Thorn story would not have occurred with out it.

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