Star Trek: Why Synthetics Destroyed Mars & Are Banned In Picard

Star Trek: Why Synthetics Destroyed Mars & Are Banned In Picard

As Star Trek: Picard begins, artificial lifeforms have been banned all through Starfleet and the Federation – however why? The reply is darkish and complex. Star Trek, and particularly Star Trek: The Subsequent Era, has typically been preoccupied by the character of life, and pondering if androids and robots – just like the beloved Lieutenant Commander Knowledge – are really alive. Knowledge’s journey in discovering his humanity was on the coronary heart and soul of The Subsequent Era.

However within the 20 years since Picard and the TNG crew had been final seen in Star Trek: Nemesis, the politics of synthetic life have modified dramatically. Considerably primitive androids – referred to as Synthetics – had been commissioned by Starfleet, used largely as laborers in harmful territories, just like the Utopia Planitia shipyards orbiting Mars, the place a rescue fleet was being constructed to avoid wasting the Romulans from an oncoming supernova that threatened to wipe out their empire.

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Nevertheless, the Synthetics inexplicably turned on their Federation masters, commandeering the rescue fleet and orchestrating an assault on Mars that left 1000’s lifeless and the Federation shaken to its core. Within the wake of the assault, Starfleet cancelled their plans to rescue the Romulans, leaving untold thousands and thousands to a loss of life sentence. Additionally they banned all synthetic life all through the Federation, a serious ethical lapse that in the end led to Admiral Picard’s estrangement from the group to which he’d devoted his life. This main reveal in Star Trek lore was defined within the sequence premiere of Star Trek: Picard.

Picard had lengthy been a proponent of granting full rights to synthetic life types, an ideology that noticed its beginnings within the traditional TNG episode “The Measure Of A Man”. In that episode, Commander Bruce Maddox tried to say Knowledge as Starfleet property so he might disassemble him and use him as a template for a complete race of cybernetic beings. Knowledge refused the experiment, and after a trial through which he was defended by Picard, was deemed to be a residing being with the proper to decide on his personal destiny.

Eighteen years since he died saving his captain in Star Trek: Nemesis, Picard continues to be haunted by Knowledge’s loss of life, and in a method has been grieving for him ever since. With the revelation that Dahj – to not point out her twin sister – are Knowledge’s offspring, seemingly engineered by Maddox, Picard as soon as once more has a mission: save the surviving android from a bunch of shadowy Romulans, discover out why the Synthetics attacked Mars, and restore Knowledge’s legacy. It is a tall job, and he’ll must do it with out most of his outdated crew, but when anybody is as much as the problem of saving Starfleet’s soul, it is Jean-Luc Picard.

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